Hopscotch Disco Jam

by Kai Rogers

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This is a dirty punky record


released March 16, 2014

Written and performed by Kai Rogers except alto saxophone on "Outer Space" played by Ashley Chambers

Produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Josh Roman at MindRocket Recording Studio

Artwork by Josiah Wright, Nelson Swartz, Mitchell Moffett, Ashley Chambers, and Kai Rogers

Thanks to:
The Rogers and Chambers families, Grant, Ashley, Josiah, Nelson, Mitch, Josh James, Josh Roman, and John Rongo



all rights reserved


Kai Rogers Ohio

Rock n roll from Brookfield, OH

Currently hanging around Bowling Green, KY

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Track Name: Heart Attack
Got a tattoo of your face turning blue
And the time that I wasted seems
To have added up
Maybe I'll fly with the birds in the sky
Then I'll crash and I'll burn
Just to know what it's like

When I finally see you
I have a heart attack

That's pretty cool what you did like a fool
And you sleep like a lion but you don't roar
Like one
Fuzzy and clear I can smell you from here
And the weight of the waiting seems
To have added up
Track Name: Keep On Rollin'
I want you to touch me but I want
Him to touch me more
Sorry about how this turned out
But you can never be sure
I knew the risk when I came here
But I can't face this hell
I don't see any room here
For anybody else

I'll hold your hand, but you don't understand
Complication keeps us hardly breathing
And I will be your friend, but you don't understand
I don't know if I can help but salivate for you

The train will keep on rolling
Whether or not you board
I'm not slowing down for
Anybody in the world
I know you don't trust me
But I'm pretty sure
I can learn to listen
If you speak the right words

"Give me one more day
You know it doesn't have to be this way"
But I know you're always gonna need one more
"If you let me say
All the things I wanna say"
You don't know what you're talking about anyway
Track Name: Coke
Got by me with love in your eyes
Coke on your nose
My heart in your fist
Died on me, but I kept you alive
Down in my soul
To help me survive

Now I see
I did it for me
Shame on me

Killed all my friends, but they're doing fine
I didn't cry
I did in my mind
Track Name: Catch Me If You Can
Push away
We're the same
It all goes up in flames

Back away from that ledge
Catch me if you can
Watch me jump on off
'Cause that's what you're best at
And you're feeling lonely right now
Track Name: New Year's Eve Song
I thought about it till I couldn't think about it no more
Then I thought about it some more
I think about it every night until I fall asleep
Then I wake up cheap
Don't care about it no more
My crying mind is just a little whore

I'm the king of the world and I don't care if you stay
I don't think about you when you walk away
And if I'm all alone I like it better that way
Love is for people who have a heart and
I lost mine I think
Two years ago today

My mind is twisted like a knot that slowly comes undone
And thinks that it's the only one
Warm and vibrating, so deflating, makes the skin feel weak
And I'm dying just to sleep
Track Name: Moviestar
Blood on your face from a million places
You said that you fell but I know that you're faking
"Fuck all these pigs!" is what you were screaming
The liberals were watching like it was a fucking joke

If you look at dust right it's kind of like glitter
That might just sound stupid but look at it clearer
I think I'm in love with the corpse of a moviestar
If freedom is everything it's worth risking everything for

Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think it matters
The point that I'm making is just that I'd rather
Be killed for a dream that we all share as humans
Than live in a world where we all die as sacks of indifference
Track Name: Pompeii Worm
Well I been trying to be me
But that ain't working out well for me
I think it's 'cause I'm an asshole
And I been trying to stay clean
But that ain't working out well for me
I think I like being dirty

I don't know if it means anything to you
Just wanted to feel the motion too

I'm in a pool of my own spit
And I don't know who wins
I guess I always knew I'd pay for it
And I'll be fine
Or fuck me I'm gonna try
Whatever works to pass the time

Well I'd say I told you so
But if I did, you'd have to go
Sometimes I'm cool with censorship
And I'd say I want you to know
That you're the one I love most
But I don't

I don't know if it means anything to you
Just wanted to be at the bottom with you

I fell down so deep that I could see the pompeii worms
I watched them crawl but never burn
And I felt the fire lick my bones and taste my skin
But those worms never did
Track Name: Exes For Eyes
Tonight I'm satisfying
I know your eyes ain't lying
I can't see shit past my two feet
And all the birds are flying
But you know I'm lying
'Cause I never fall asleep
Tonight I'm really smiling
Tonight I'm criticizing
Myself through gritted, bloody teeth
Tonight I'm falling down
As often as I'm getting up
And I'm not bitter at the sun

Acting so bright you got exes for eyes
Making best friends with the ones you despise
Had a bad day but I'll have a good night
So fine you could almost cry

Tonight there's just some lemons
These grapes have gone to sleep
This paint smells just like dust to me
I'll be so dehydrated
But I'm not getting up
And I'm not even bitter at the sun
Track Name: Someone Dies Tonight
You know, I think I'm ready to be nice
These politics have never fit into my life
Unlock the door, we built a staircase to the sky
Why are we so poor? My my my my my

I kissed you first, you kissed the words I said
We were so human
Seems like every time I turn around, we're high
Dead and gone inside
Picked up our guns, started to fight
Someone dies tonight
Kept walking by, I looked at you twice
Someone dies tonight

Kaleidoscope inside the fabric of your mind
I get the best of it all in time
You broke the wall, unlocked the door
We tried to hide
Why are we so poor? My my my my my
Track Name: Wasted
Am I wasting my time on you
Or am I just wasting away?
I swear the doctors would have told me something's wrong
But I haven't seen a doctor in decades
I know everything
Do you think I can sing?

Did my nature just surface to you
Or did you just bite your tongue?
I sense a little bit of dissatisfaction
Or is it just the loaded gun
You have pointed at me?
I know everything
Do you think I can sing?
Track Name: Outer Space
I'm the king of shadow puppets filling up my face
I'm the one who always turns his head and walks away
I can see a strobe light moving just between the shapes
I can feel the dog bite when I'm deep in outer space

Who's that behind your face?
We must be in outer space
I love you but I'm such a disgrace so
We must be in outer space

Your eyes are denser than the sun we look at straight
I know it's not enough to be stuck in this place
Shadows dancing, I can feel it pace
I'll feel much better when I'm deep in outer space